Entertainment Tours

found 3 Package

Phuket Fantasea

The award-winning, Las Vegas-style production spectacle colorfully blending the beauty of Thai culture with magical illusions, aerial ballet, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, exciting stunts and elephant performances, all into one unforgettably unique theatrical experience guaranteed to delight visitors of all ages.
Adult 1,400 net/ Child 1,400 net

Simon Cabaret Show

It’s a spectacular display of colour, originality and fun. Phuket’s Simon Cabaret has become one of Southeast Asia’s outstanding entertainment attractions drawing a thousand enthused visitors from around the world each evening. A single show runs the entire range of musical theatre from cultures around the world.
Adult 600 net / Child 400 net

Siam Niramit Phuket

Siam Niramit Phuket is a world-class performance of Thailand's arts and cultural heritage. This must-see spectacular show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs. Enhanced special effects and the world's most advanced technology are used to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.

Adult 1,300 net/ Child 1,300 net